Hippocampus Academy is a private, US-based, K-12 International school bringing a language- & literature-forward STEAM curriculum to students around the world. We offer personalized, highly-developed curricula and flexible courses of study to exceptional students from more than 30 countries.

Blending time-honored traditions, a commitment to inclusivity, and cutting-edge technology, “The Hippo Campus” offers every student the unique opportunity to build a worldwide network of diverse peers who, regardless of academic goals, share their drive and commitment to greatness.

Established and run by current and former University professors, we employ the most highly-qualified instructors in their respective fields. While other virtual schools vacillate between attempting to do “school at home,” and reinventing the wheel, our instructors build courses and curriculum that are both rooted in best-practice pedagogy and enhanced by online instruction. Courses can be scheduled “à la carte,” around other responsibilities, or in a more traditional manner.

Committed to meeting every child’s needs to the fullest, we offer a wide range of course formats. Some available formats are one-on-one, live group, asynchronous, project-based, community-based, and self-developed.

A few of our philosophical icons are Mary Wollstonecraft, Charlotte Mason, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, John Holt, Paulo Freire, Patricia Hill Collins, and Khosrow Bagheri Noaparast.