Sure, you know how to read, but have you thought lately about what exactly you’ve been reading?  And how you’ve been reading it?  Old-school thinking says that media is simply read for information—the same way we might skim the back of the cereal box while we wait for the bus to pull up out front: head full of sleep, and with one foot out of the door.

At Hippocampus Academy there are (thankfully) no buses rumbling up, ready to bring you to homeroom, but there can be a whole lot of noise just outside our virtual walls.

Media—the plural of medium—literally describes all the different ways we communicate on a large scale, and for a long it time it wasn’t that difficult.  You had the written medium.  Then radio.  Things started getting a little wild when T.V.  figured out what it could do.  But the internet, boy oh boy, we did not see that one coming, did we?