what’s your story?

  • Night owl?  Early bird?
  • Need just a few more classes to graduate?
  • Have a lot of homeschool credit you’d like to transfer?
  • What about lived experience credit?
  • Living internationally but want to ace those AP exams?
  • COVID wreck your plans for an exchange opportunity?
  • Family to support?  Working full-time?
  • Unsatisfied with your local school’s quality?
  • Or fed up with the lack of options?
  • Feeling like you’ve run out of options?
  • Learning difference?
  • Time difference?
  • Philosophical differences?
  • Need a fresh start?  

Here at Hippocampus Academy we get it: you’ve got a life.  So do we!  And we believe that our beauty as human beings lies precisely within that which makes us different.  So breath easy know that no matter what shape your situation takes, we’ve got your back.  

Did you know that many schools—even those operating online—won’t approve your full transcript for one-to-one transfer credit past the fifth or sixth grade?  Virtually none of them will once you get up into the later high school years.  There are many reasons for this: curriculum differences, quality concerns and, it’s true, money.  

Our goal has always been to foster diversity among our student body and cater to the needs and goals of every student and their family in a way that traditional schools can’t. And when we say everyone we mean everyone.


what we offer

From international students headed to the Ivy Leagues to Unschooling families entering the teenage years. From homeless students checking in from their public library to military families living abroad. We’ve got something for everyone.

  • Live one-on-one

  • Live group classes

  • Project-based courses

  • Asynchronous schedules

  • Accelerated curriculum

  • Personalized curriculum

  • Honors & AP

  • Test Prep & College Support

  • Self-developed courses

  • Industry mentorship


World-class education (in your own backyard)

Hippocampus Academy is a private international school committed to bringing a language-forward curriculum to students around the world. Our fully-accredited curriculum offers students from more than 30 countries a unique opportunity to build a worldwide network of peers who share their academic goals, drive, and commitment to greatness.

We are an American K-12 school, established and run by current and former University professors. We expect our teachers to be mentors, and so only employ the most highly-qualified in their respective fields–those with well-rounded and impeccable teaching, industry, and lived experiences to draw from.

Our mission is to bring a global education to every willing student, and we are committed to meeting their needs to the fullest. At Hippocampus Academy we value our students as individuals, offer a sense of community, integrate their passions and pursuits into academic and career pathways, and foster inquiry, growth, mastery, purpose, and independence.