One of the first things you’ll notice at “The Hippo Campus” is the passion our students, faculty and staff display in everything they do—be it teaching, learning, research, or outside endeavors. This is truly the soul of our school and, I believe, the spirit of true education. Many schools can offer you a similarly rigorous, challenging, and complete education as ours. But I truly believe there is no place in the world that will offer you a similarly transformative learning experience.

Quick assignment: close your eyes for a moment and really think—what do you need from your school, in order to reach your unique goals in life? What could you do in an environment committed to balancing a well-rounded transcript with those particular hopes, dreams, and desires? Whatever those answers are, I guarantee you’ll find someone at Hippocampus Academy excited to act as muse, mentor, and mouthpiece for those passions and platforms.

We will provide you with the knowledge, skills and real-life experience not only to excel in your chosen field but to bring about positive change in our world.

My passion—my platform—is education. Over the past 20 years I’ve gone from summer teacher’s aid at my own high school to University instructor. From pre-school teacher to counselor to international education consultant and curriculum creator. I’ve always thrived on the novelty of a new position, a new challenge, but here I am, now, in a position I hope to someday retire from.

And I won’t lie, my commitment to education has only deepened as I’ve witnessed the devastation that Covid-19 has wreaked on the U.S. public school system. Students depressed and despondent, teachers overworked and overwhelmed, parents struggling to balance a teaching position they never asked for nor desired with everything else this year has thrown at them. We could teach them so much, I thought.

So here we are now, increasing our online presence in order to launch a global outreach initiative aimed at doing whatever we can to facilitate in the recovery and rebirth of K-12 education. We’ve always believed that virtual education—with its ability to offer a standard of quality, care, and opportunity to students from every nationality, social status, and cultural community—will be the great equalizer educational philosophers have been searching for for millennia.

I say, given the new wave of civil rights and social justice we’re seeing take root around the world, what better time to stand up show everyone just what it can do. And we’d love to have you along for the journey.

Your voyage awaits!

Director Jake