Hippocampus Academy is a private international school committed to bringing a language-forward curriculum to students around the world. Our fully-accredited curriculum offers students from more than 30 countries a unique opportunity to build a worldwide network of peers who share their academic goals, drive, and commitment to greatness.

We are an American K-12 school, established and run by current and former University professors. We expect our teachers to be mentors, and so only employ the most highly-qualified in their respective fields–those with well-rounded and impeccable teaching, industry, and lived experiences to draw from.

Our mission is to bring a global education to every willing student, and we are committed to meeting their needs to the fullest. At Hippocampus Academy we value our students as individuals, offer a sense of community, integrate their passions and pursuits into academic and career pathways, and foster inquiry, growth, mastery, purpose, and independence.