We’ve all heard the horror stories—virtual education rolled out inefficiently and without warning in response to the Coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic. Students falling through the cracks educationally, emotionally—entirely.

We’re not here to talk about those, though. We applaud our irl counterparts for doing everything they could to keep their students, families, faculty, and staff as safe, healthy, and on-track as they could with so little warning, so little training, and so little support. Could they do all of that and also perform the miracle of ensuring their students maintained a robust community, cultivated new friendships, and were consistently offered opportunities to just virtually relax with their cohort?

How could they have?

We feel for them. We didn’t learn how to do these things overnight, either. But we did learn, and here at Hippocampus we’ve got it all.

From virtual assemblies to student body politics. Dance-offs to gaming nights and a PTA. The concern: socialization? (dun dun duuuuuun) will never cross your mind again.