We are thrilled to announce the release of A+ Club Leadership by Director Jake and our college admissions department, Admissions Control.

Whether you’ve been elected to club leadership and want to ensure your club thrives during your tenure, or you’re enthusiastic about starting a club from scratch but don’t know where to begin, A+ Club Leadership is your definitive guide to success.

This comprehensive resource takes you through every step of the club creation and management process. It provides detailed guidance on deciding the club’s focus, drafting bylaws, securing a faculty sponsor, planning meaningful activities, attracting members, and maintaining momentum.

But A+ Club Leadership is more than just a how-to guide. It delves into nuanced areas like ensuring inclusivity, managing conflict, transitioning leadership, and more importantly, using your experiences effectively for college essays and resumes.

You’ll find invaluable insights into the personal and professional growth that club leadership can foster. Discover how starting and leading a club can help you develop critical leadership skills, foster teamwork, stimulate creativity, and make a significant impact on your school community and beyond.

A+ Club Leadership comes with hundreds of points for reflection, guided exercises, templates, samples, scripts, and ideas to inspire, educate, and empower students to create and lead clubs that reflect their interests, passions, and the diverse voices of their school community. Purchase it today on Amazon.com!

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